Introducing SeeBotLink


A link shortener? Really?


Dynamic Routes

As we studied the market, we had one driving question — What useful things should a link shortener do besides shorten links? One answer is the ability to dynamically route users to different locations. This is especially useful when trying to point users to a specific place based on their device, like an app download. We provide the ability to direct users based on their browser, device, or operating system and provide tracking details with our reports.

UTM Management

It’s a simple feature, but a time saver. Urchin Tracking Modules (UTM) codes are snippets of code added to the end of a URL so that you can track traffic origins. All redirect fields provide a UTM manager. This popup will show available UTM fields and allows value editing separately from the URL. This reduces the chance of error and provides the exact location of the field/value to edit. In addition, this will only update UTM parameters and leave any other query string parameters untouched.

Link Expiration

Another frustration we heard from clients was regarding link sharing for live events. Once the event was over, they lacked the ability to “turn off” the link. We saw this as another opportunity for clients to have greater control over their links. Link expiration is extremely useful when a link should only be active for a short time. It will stop tracking link clicks, providing a more reliable count, as well as avoiding confusion.

Predefined and Trackable Links

A newer feature added this year, we’re now able to support two new types of links, predefined and trackable links. Predefined links allow for a short link to be set up as normal, but also supports a listing that can be imported with a key, path, and redirect. This scenario can be very useful when trying to set up user defined short links where the same link should send users to specific locations.

Future Plans

While we’ve covered a lot here, we still have plans to expand and improve upon our current offerings.

Mobile Deep Linking

Have you ever clicked on a link that took you directly into an app, or sent you to an app store asking you to download an app? This was mobile deep linking at work. Support for popular apps is planned, with the ability to target your own apps on both iOS and Android.


While we have an API available for clients to develop with directly, we also have two integrations being developed to help with existing workflows. We’re now offering access to our platform through Zapier. We’re also in the process of developing a premium connector using the Power Automate platform. Look for our addition on both these great platforms very soon!

Developer Tools

Let’s not forget our developer friends! While our API has been up and running, powering the Link platform since 2019, we still have plenty of other expansions based around it.

  • Fully documented API (the same one that powers our application right now).

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