Hello and Welcome!

2 min readApr 5, 2021


Thank you for joining us here on Medium. We are SeeBotRun, a minority, queer, and woman co-owned company launched in 2019. We are building tools, sites, and applications for social justice movements and progressive organizations.

One of the biggest challenges we have seen throughout the progressive space is the high cost of messaging tools and custom development before ever engaging with a single person. Smaller, localized campaigns and organizations are hamstrung from the beginning, fighting an uphill battle for organic growth using the traditional methods.

Our development of these communication platforms center around the idea that tools should not be complicated or budget-breaking. With that in mind, our tools can easily scale, generalized to support a wide variety of organizational types, and are easily adapted for custom development to fit larger budget needs. For all of our compatriots in the progressive space, we’re creating a connected set of tools to streamline communications and data management that best fits their workflows.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing deeper dives into all the amazing things the See Bot Suite of Awesome (you can find more about what we offer here) — but today we’d like to talk about our custom services a little bit!

In addition to our suite of products, we also understand each organization has unique technology and development needs. We work on a variety of full stack solutions, from Wordpress sites to headless CMS technologies like Contentful and Netlify, and a few things in between. And for sites that need a little more, we also offer custom integrations, applications, databases, and our favorite, APIs.


In addition to custom website development, we also offer application development. Native iOS and Android development to progressive web applications, we love them all! Think of us before you start your next project. We’d love to help — and did we mention we also build the APIs that power those applications? (We did, and we do!)

And on top of all that, we also offer hosting! The last thing you want after a costly site build is to let your tech stack sit and age, cutting off the lifetime of your site. We offer both managed and unmanaged packages to suit your needs. In addition to an isolated, stable hosting environment, we take care of security updates twice a month for the core system and any of our standard plugins included.

So visit our site to meet the SeeBotRun team, sign up for updates or to find out more about our products, or contact us directly — dana@seebot.run. The world is complicated; let SeeBotRun simplify your technology.




Woman, Queer, and Minority co-owned, we build tools for social justice movements and organizations working for the greater good.