Yep. We didn’t believe it either at first. Link shorteners are plentiful. But we found that most options on the market did a few things really well, other things not so well, and usually always had a steep jump in price for some of the most…

Hello and thank you for joining us for our next installment of our blog, as we start to dive into our product offerings. Today we’re going to discuss our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Talk and Lookup, SeeBotRun’s legislative database.

But why call when we can use social media?

Thank you for joining us here on Medium. We are SeeBotRun, a minority, queer, and woman co-owned company launched in 2019. We are building tools, sites, and applications for social justice movements and progressive organizations.

One of the biggest challenges we have seen throughout the progressive space is the high…


Woman, Queer, and Minority co-owned, we build tools for social justice movements and organizations working for the greater good.

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